Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 13 - New companion and answered prayers

I really love this time of the week when I get to sit down and really think about all the miracles that have happened over this past week. :) it is so much fun. 

So first big news! Sister Hansen is being transferred to Orland park. She is leaving! I have absolutely loved my time that I have gotten to serve with her. She will add so much to her new area. :) my new companion is Sister Raccuia. I haven't actually met her before, but I am SOO excited to get to serve with her. I have only heard incredible things from her and I am so stoked to get to be with her. :) 

So we had a super fun week and had some really incredible things happen. On Monday we had an appointment that fell through so we were stopping by some less actives that we wanted to visit. We tried a few places, but nothing was super solid, so we called Brother Westergren and asked if we could come over,  he told us that we couldn't come over because he was home alone because his wife was in the hospital, but he told us that she would absolutely love a visit from us. So we ran right over to the hospital. :) We found her room and were able to go in and talk to her for a little bit. She was really upset. She had gone to the emergency room because she had gotten so worked up and so sick physically because of some really devastating things that have happened in her family. We just listened as she talked with us about how low and overwhelmed she was feeling. We offered to say a prayer with her. It was one of the most special prayers I have ever heard. All of her worries, concerns, and stresses were dimmed for a moment as the spirit flooded the room as we prayed. We were able to have someone come and give her a priesthood blessing. Sister Westergren is now home and is doing lots better. :) Every morning, every planning session, every time we leave the apartment, and every time we just don't know what to do we pray and ask Heavenly Father to guide us to where he wants us to be. It was amazing to see the Lords hand in our lives as he directed us to Sister Westergren. No one knew that she was in the hospital and that she was struggling, but Heavenly Father did. He knew that she needed us in that very moment and we were able to be instruments in Gods hands and to answer her prayers. It was amazing.
So we got a Media Referal (That basically means they were looking on LDS.org or MORMON.org and said that they would like the missionaries to come over, so then we get a text with their information, and we go over.) a few weeks ago that we have been trying to get in touch with, but we haven't been to successful. We have knocked on his door a few times, left a note with our number on his door, called him, everything we could think of. But no luck. So we decided to try one more time to go over and see if we could meet him. :) we knocked on his door and he answered! We were so surprised and excited to actually get to meet him, but before we could say anything he said super excitedly "Oh! You're from the church, please come in." 

We told him that because of mission rules we weren't able to come inside without another female there. So he literally grabbed his shoes and ran out the door so we could talk to him outside. :) He was so excited to meet us it was awesome! He told us how he just had this feeling that he needed to call off going to work that day, and then that's right when we knocked on his door. He immediately started asking us questions and we were able to teach him about the restoration of the Gospel and we gave him a Book of Mormon and asked him if he would read 3rd Nephi 17 as soon as we asked him to read it he opened it and started reading it right there. :) he was so eager to learn and just couldn't get enough about what we were saying. :) It was so cool. It was awesome because we were about to give up, we had said we will go over "one more time" and when we did miracles happened. :) He has since done some kind if weird things so the Elders are teaching him, but that moment was so cool!

One of the highlights of the week was Saturday. We went down to a farmers market in town near by with most of the missionaries in our district. We set up a table on the corner that had lots of Books of Mormon, DVDs, Magazines and pass along cards. We set up this plan where half of us would stand behind the table and sing hymns and the other half of the missionaries would go out and talk to people. It was a BLAST. :) It was amazing that as soon as we started to sing, the spirit was so strong. People were way interested in what we were doing and would come over to see what was going on, we even had a lady come over and record us for a little bit. :) We found lots of people who were interested in meeting with the missionaries and we gave out a lot of Books of Mormon. It was so much fun. We met some really special people that I just loved talking too. I noticed that there were a lot of people on the other side of the street who would look over to see what was going on, but then would keep walking. So I ran over there with a member who was with us and we started talking to people across the street. We were talking to this lady who wasn't super interested but super friendly. So after we stopped talking to her the most darling girl who was about 15 years old came over to us and said "I heard you talking to that lady, and I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit more about that book you were talking to her about?" It was AWESOME. :) We were able to talk to her about the Book of Mormon and about how much we loved it. She was so excited and happily took a copy and told us that we could come over and talk to her. She was adorable and just so hungry and anxious to learn. She doesn't live in our area, so we will send other missionaries over there but she was just awesome and I so hope things will go well. :) 

The District before transfers
Another miracle happened while we were out talking to people Saturday morning. It was right at the end of us being out there and we had only about 5 minutes left, so we gathered all the missionaries together and we said a prayer and told Heavenly Father that we were going to go out and talk to everyone we saw and try so hard to find one more person who was ready and excited about hearing the gospel. After we prayed we split up and went and just talked to everyone. :) after those 5 minutes were up we all came back, and none of us had found anyone who was interested. So we packed up and left our little corner. Us sisters were going to go to lunch together, so we walked into TacoBell and we saw two ladies who we had talked to while we were at the Farmers Market. They weren't super interested when they walked past us, but as soon as we walked into the restaurant they were so excited to see us.:) They walked right over to us and started asking us all these questions that they had. We were able to talk to them for quite awhile and they took the Books of Mormons that we offered them and said that they would love to have the missionaries come over. :) It was amazing, and was a total answer to our prayer. Heavenly Father doesn't always answer our prayers in the ways that we might think he will, but he DOES answer them. Because we prayed and then did everything we could do he helped us find these two more ladies who were curious and wanting to learn more.
Miracles happen every day. :) 

Thanks for your prayers and support because they are FELT. :) I LOVE YOU.

-Sister Watts

Random creepy hand

Teaching 6 year old

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