Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 11 - Mothers Day Skype and pictures

You are all the sweetest EVER. I seriously love you all so much. :) How fun was it to get to talk last night? I was on cloud 9. I think we have the most amazing family. Thank you for loving me and supporting me so much YOU are extraordinary. :)  I really loved talking to you guys so much. You are so happy and just totally made me happy. There are many missionaries who have hard situations back home and who come away from talking to their families and say "I wish I wouldnt have called" I FEEL SO OPPOSITE. And I am so grateful that I do. I really just love you guys with all of my heart and I am learning more and more every day how absolutely incredible you all are. I am so blessed.We are so blessed. :) 

Thank you, You are so encouraging and supportive and are trying so hard to help me. I appreciate it so much. It is the biggest blessing in my life to have the family that I have and to have been raised in the gospel. I will forever be grateful for that. :) I'm so grateful that skyping yesterday went so well. :) I was worried with the Storm that it would mess with the wifi. But it went awesome. :) 

I'm being obedient. :)  I am trying with all of my might. :) I need the blessings that come from being obedient. I will never stop. :) 

Love you, Sister Watts

Some fun pictures that were sent today too

I love my MTC Comps
Sister Spackman and Sister Watts
A member's horse
Sister Paulson at the temple
Most of my MTC missionaries
My Zone
Sister Williams

Sister Buckmiller

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