Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 14 - BLESSINGS :)

Sister Raccuia and Sister Watts
We had a really fun week this week. :) I am absolutely loving getting to serve with Sister Raccuia. We laugh a ton and just have a ball while we are out doing missionary things. It is so much fun. :) We were able to teach a bunch of lessons this week which was way fun!

We had a really amazing lesson with M**** this week. He is doing so awesome and is starting to really love the Book of Mormon. :) He is reading it a lot on his own and is loving when we get to read it together. It's amazing to me how strong the spirit instantly is as soon as you open the Book of Mormon. We had an awesome talk about how God is the same forever. And We both felt like a lot of things clicked for M**** during our lesson. After the lesson we were driving away and M**** texted us and said "That was a great lesson today sisters, I learned a lot." :) haha it's not very often that your investigators let you know that you are doing a good job, but it was super nice of him and just a great little boost.

We were super super blessed this week and we are starting to teach two people temple prep. :) There isn't anyone in the ward who has been called to teach it so we volunteered and it has been so amazing.
Sister Raccuia and I absolutely love the temple with everything that we are, so to be helping these sweet people as they are preparing to go to the temple is one of the biggest blessings in the world. I am so grateful for the temple in my life and I can't even imagine not having those blessings. Sister Paulson and Sister Ames will both be going through the temple really soon. 

I think one of the biggest miracles I have seen since I have been on my mission is in the Paulson family.When we first started visiting Sister Paulson we were just going over for her and she has just totally caught fire and has been so excited about everything that we have been talking to her about and inviting her to do and she is DOING it. Because of her example her son was baptized a few months ago, her whole family is coming to church, and her husband is talking about going to the temple for himself, they have a goal to be sealed together forever has a family. :) Words don't even describe how happy I am to see their family grow so much in the gospel and come so close together. Sister Paulson's example has had the most profound ripple effect on her family and it has been beyond incredible to see. :) Heavenly Father really blesses us so much when we do what he asks.

Funny story of the week. :) For some reason the drivers side door in our car doesn't want to open anymore. It will open from the outside, but it wont open from the inside at all. So for a while I was just climbing over the middle compartment and was crawling out through Sister Raccuias door. :) It was always super funny and super dorky but way fun. We had the Elders look at it at district meeting and they told us that there was nothing they could do for us.  They laughed super hard when we told them how I have been getting out of the car lately. :) They told me that it would be way easier if I just rolled down the window and opened it from the outside every time. BRILLIANT.
Haha I dont know why I never thought about that but Its a whole lot easier getting out that way. :)

I really love getting to serve. I am finding so much joy in getting to serve my Heavenly Father
Gift to neighbor

with everything that I am and getting to wear the name of my savior every day. I had a special moment this week when we were at dinner with the Scroggins. We invited them to pray and fast about someone that they could invite to learn more about the gospel, after they accepted our invitation and said that they would do it we were able to promise them blessings. :) We promised them that they would be able to feel more joy and happiness, that the spirit would be more present in their home, and that their family would be more unified. The spirit was crazy strong and I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that those blessings that we promised them did not come from us it came from our Heavenly Father. :) with tears in her eyes Sister Scroggin said "that's exactly what we want." :) It's incredible to me how willing our Father in Heaven is to bless us. If we just do what he asks of us he will ALWAYS bless us more than we could ever comprehend.

I love this so much, I'm happy. :)

Love Sister Watts. :)

Brother Yocum
Staining Brother Yocum's porch

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