Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 39 - Week of miracles

Sister Watts in front of a pretty wall :)
Hello Fam. :)  What a week. :) This week was beyond amazing. Everything that happened this week was nothing short of miraculous. It was so incredible, great things are happening here. :) I'm sorry this e-mail will be short. 

The craziest miracle that happened this week has been a work in progress this whole week. We have this family that we have been working with for awhile. They have been on the missionaries radar for about 6 months or so? Anyway we have been working really hard with T*****, the husband. But there hasn't been a whole lot of progress there. They own a salon so sometimes it is hard to teach them there because it is such a chaotic environment. 

Miracle#1 This week we started talking with S*****, his wife. :) She is beyond darling. She is super tiny and was born in the Philippines. We were able to have a really amazing conversation with her earlier in the week. We stopped by a few days later and she as so excited to see us, she called us down to meet the patient that she was working on. 

Miracle#2 The patients name was Morgan, she is a member of the ward that meets just before us. :) Her and Morgan have been really good friends for about the last 3 years. It was incredible, while we were sitting there talking with them we were able to have an incredible conversation and then Morgan invited S***** to come to church. S***** said YES. :) We have been trying every single
thing we can think of to get them to come to church, and just like that she said YES. :)  It was amazing. We ended up having dinner with Morgan a few days latter and she told us all about all of the questions that S***** asked her. It was incredible. So we were totally planning on S***** coming to church, but we got a text from Morgan about 30 minutes before church started Morgan texted us and said that S***** wasn't going to make it. We were so bummed, but holy cow we prayed like CRAZY those next 30 minutes. And of course Morgan texted us so excited and said "SHES COMING." :) We were so thrilled. They both walked into church about 20 minutes late, but it was totally ok. The high counselor that was giving a talk about the "covenant path." He talked about baptism, the priesthood, and temple ordinances. It was such a doctrinally solid talk for S***** to hear. While we were singing the closing song she leaned over to me and asked "where am I on the covenant path?" Ahhhh. That's perfection in missionary life. We were able to have a really neat conversation about how she needed to be baptized so she could live with Heavenly Father again. It was awesome. :)

That's all I can report right now. But I am so happy. :)


-Sister Watts 

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