Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 43 - Merry Christmas

The Skyline
Hi family. :) MERRY CHRISTMAS! Can you even believe it is christmas this week? I can't believe it. Time is flying by, I hit my 10 month mark this week, Christmas is here, and before we know it Landon is going to have the priesthood. It is so exciting. :) 

The weather has been beautiful and we haven't really been experiencing anything too bitterly cold yet.  It was raining today, so we are still going strong on avoiding the crazy, bitter, shocking cold. I'm going to credit it to all of your prayers that we would stay warm, so thank you very much. :) Please. Keep it up. We heard today that it might snow on Christmas, but we aren't sure yet. We have been able to do some fun Christmas things this week that have been a blast. :) We went Caroling with two zones and it was so much fun. President was able to come with us and it's just really powerful. Talked to lots of people and handed out loads of cards (the mish usual) so It was awesome. :) We weren't expecting to have the other zone there, so that was a fun&happy surprise. We are still showing "He is the Gift" to as many people as we can and it has been fun to see how many miracles are coming from that. We have a special experience almost every time we show it. :) We are just loving this time of year, people are so kind and are happy. The Christmas season has presented itself with some fun service opportunities too. We are having a blast, there are some really fun things happening right now.

Part of the temple is in Chicago!
I had one of the most incredible and special experiences of my mission this week. Being there while brother Paulson received his endowment was more amazing than words can express I am so unbelievably grateful for the opportunity I love that sweet family. Some of my happiest and most tender experiences on my mission have been with them. Sister Paulson messaged me on Facebook after we had gone to the temple and she said "I know with out a doubt that God put you in my life so that my family will be there at the gates of Heaven." So incredibly kind of her, I love them so much. They are amazing and I am bursting with excitement  for them. They should be sealed soon, and then they will be together forever. :) I remember when we went with sister Paulson to the temple she kept saying over and over again how much she wanted her family to be there with her, and they will be soon. Her dream of being an eternal family is becoming a reality, and it is incredible. :)  I really am so grateful for all of the opportunities I have been blessed with to teach
Caroling downtone
temple prep on my mission. I love the temple more than I even have words, and it really has been such a tender mercy to be able to teach something that is so special to me. We are having a blast teaching a recent convert temple prep right now. Her name is Rebecca and she was baptized a little over a year ago. She has unbelievable faith and she has such a strong desire to go to the temple. It is being so much fun for us. She is hoping to go through at the end of January. We are also getting to go to the temple with our zone on Tuesday, and we are so excited. We are being so spoiled with being able to go to the temple so much, and I am so happy about it. :)

As for our sweet investigators everything is going amazing. :) We were able to have two investigators at church on Sunday and it was awesome. T**** was there and so was a man named C****. We found C**** on the train. We showed him "He is the a Gift" and he was so excited about it. :) We gave him a card with our phone number and the address and information about church on it. He called us on Saturday and said "Hi sisters. I think I am at church. I wanted to come today to make sure I knew where it was, and so I wouldn't be late tomorrow." Are you kidding? :) It was so cool. So he was there for all three hours and just loved it. He asked about other things we do during the week because he just wants to come to all of it. We told him about institute and he said "you give me an address and a time and I will be there" :) His excitement about the gospel is incredible. It is so fun to see him just loving everything he is learning. Also, everything is going good with the G**** family. We weren't able to hear from them or see them last week, so we were a little bit worried that something had happened. But Brother G**** called us this week and told us that they had missed us and that their phone was broken so they weren't getting any of our calls. I was so happy, it was such a relief. :) So we went over there and took some Christmas presents to their kids and talked for a minute. They are unbelievably special. It is incredible. But they invited us over on Tuesday and then again for Christmas if we don't have anywhere we can go. 
Serious dinner appointment

Everyone has been so kind to us. :) Almost all of our investigators have invited us to come with them on Christmas. When they find out we don't get to go home and see our family they all say "well you can join our family then." So amazing of them. :) We really are working with some of the most amazing people. I love them. And I love all of you so much. :) I have thought about you so much this Christmas season and I Just pray that you can feel of the love that I have for you. I totally believe at I have some of the most incredible friends and family in the whole world. I hope you all have an amazing week. :) I am so grateful for my Savior and for the peace, hope, love, and perspective he brought into the world. I love how humble and beautiful the story of his birth is. And I am so blessed to know and love his restored gospel. :) Merry Christmas everyone. :)

Love, Sister Watts 

Contacting downtown next to the Atheists

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