Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 35 - Serve like it was our day job

Hi my cute family. :)
At the bonfire
We had a really awesome week and some super incredible things happened, we have just had a really busy day. We ended up going to the doctor this morning because last night while we were at the bonfire I stepped on a nail and it went about an inch into my foot.
Kind of crazy. :) I'm totally ok, the mission nurse just needed me to go to the doctor to make sure there wasn't any infections. I'm ok. :) 

Leaf Raking
We had an awesome bonfire with Rachel again and it went PERFECT. :) We served like it was our day job this week. We made two full batches of a
More Leaf Raking
chicken noodle soup because everyone
in the whole world is sick it seems like. We raked leaves like crazy this week. And there was a family in our Ward at moved so we helped pack, clean, and move them.

This was an awesome week. We worked really hard and just had a ball. :) I LOVE YOU.

-Sister Watts
House Cleaning

Daniel's new puppy :)
Sister Golba-Ingles
Timeout corner at church
Sister Golba-Ingles

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