Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 31 - Called to be a trainer

Hello Family. :) Transfer calls came in this week and... Sister Boyd is leaving. I'm super bummed to have her leave. She is an incredible missionary and I feel like our 6 weeks together was much too short. I learned so much from her and I totally adore her. :) 

But, some pretty crazy news! I'm going to be training a brand new missionary. :) I am so excited and honestly can't wait for this super fun adventure to start. It will be a brand new experience but I am so excited for this call. I feel like the area, the ward, and myself will all benefit so much from having a new missionary, I am just so excited. :) 

Heart Attack
This week was really incredible. Heavenly Father blesses us so much. As we walked out of almost every appointment we were just so excited and happy about what had just happened. It was awesome. :) We have an investigator that is married to a less active member of our ward. They have both been super super sick and we haven't been able to see them or really get in contact with them. We decided to go and heart attack their door with fun letters, quotes, and scriptures that we love. It was way fun. Right after they found it they immediately called us and set up an appointment with us. :) when we got there a few days later they were so grateful. Mona said that she had never had anyone do something so kind, simple, and thoughtful for her. She told us that she had already saved and scrapbooked every heart that we put on her door. It was just very sweet of her. :) 

Apartment Cleaning
We have been at J***** house a lot this week. She is the former investigator that we found at Walmart. :) Her house has super toxic mold which I think we told you about but because it has gotten so bad she has gotten kicked out of her home and so she is trying really hard to find a new place to live. Right now her family is living in an apartment. We were over there two days this week cleaning and packing and helping her with everything that she needed. (No worries. I wore my mask.) But while we were there we were able to meet some of her friends and family and it was so awesome to be with them. :) J***** is way excited to be learning about the gospel and her friends were way open and excited about meeting us. We are way excited about J*****. It's amazing how much service really does open peoples hearts. It's awesome.

We had the greatest miracle this week. :) R***** CAME TO THE WOMENS MEETING. it was absolutely perfect and totally awesome. She loved every minute of it, felt the spirit super strong, and got to meet so many of the members. As soon as the meeting was done she said "I can't wait to hear the prophet speak." Ah. :) sister Boyd and I just wanted to fly our of our chairs. We were so excited. So she is going to come to general conference!!

Community Yard Sale

And one last cool thing. :) there was a community yard sale this week where the community set up a bunch of tables at a park and had members of the community sign up to come and sell things. :) sister Boyd and I had this way awesome idea to bring all of the supplies that we had and give them away for free at the yard sale. :) it was a complete and total success. We cleared ourselves out of Book of Mormons, DVDs, bibles, and all of our church books and then tons of other things. It was so much fun. We talked to some awesome really special people and just had an awesome experience. We got so burned. Holy cow. I haven't been this burnt in years. But it's ok. :) 

I'm sorry this is kind of a makeshift e-mail. I just had way to much fun talking with Sister Wright. :) I love you all so much. :) I'm just happy. I love my life.

Love you. :)

-Sister Watts

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The district - Elder Robbins, Sister & Elder Jensen, Elder Montgomery
Sister Goff, Sister Wright, Sister Watts, and Sister Boyd

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