Tuesday, April 1, 2014

week 5 - "God gave the increase" 1 Cor 3:6

Oh, It gives me chills when I read that last sentence of your e-mail "Our family is being blessed for what you are doing." Oh I so so hope so.
 I love you all so much and I want to help you with anything that I can. But I know that Heavenly Father can do more for you than I can. So as long as I am working so so super hard he will send blessings to my sweet family. 

 I am doing SO super good. Seriously the temple was incredible. I have missed it so much and I am so grateful that I was able to go today. I needed it! I have been so spoiled with getting to go so much and for having so many temples so close to us that I have totally taken for granted the blessings of the temple. It is an amazing place and after longing to be there so much lately I had a really special experience getting to be there. :) I LOVE IT!!

Ok. Seriously momma you are the BEST Facebook missionary out there. Almost every time I see other missionaries they talk to me about how amazing my mom is. They love getting friend requests from you, when you like and comment their things, and just how involved you are. I have the best mom in the whole world. :) One of the Zone leaders called us the other night to see how we were doing and I told him about the special moment I had when I realized that the stripling warriors were inexperienced and how that gave me so much hope and he said "You know Sister Watts, you are a lot more like the stripling warriors than you think. Not only are you inexperienced like them, and have faith like them, but you have an amazing mother just like them." And then we went on to talk about how much he loved your involvement online throughout the mission. And he is totally right. :) Thank you for all you are doing. Honestly, I have realized more than ever just how truly blessed we are, there is SO much good that we could be doing because we are so blessed. 
McKenna's district

I loved the General Relief Society Broadcast. It was amazing. Just getting to see so many faithful saints in the conference center was so amazing to me. I couldn't help but just be so touched as I sat in a little chapel in Indiana with 15 other sweet sisters as we watched such an amazing event take place. We are so so so blessed. I love that we are watching these things together. :) I am so excited for conference this week! My invitation to you is to have everyone in the family invite someone into your home to watch general conference! That is what the ward here is doing and I am so excited about it. I was reading the other day about temples and it said basically that the only place that can compare to the sacredness of the temple is in the home. The spirit is SO strong in your home and people who are not used to that can 100% feel it. So PLEASE as a family invite people over to watch conference. :) 

MTC missionaries
This Tuesday we had a new missionary training meeting which was really special, I got to see all the missionaries that I was in the MTC with and I loved it. They are some of my sweetest friends. :) 

My whole goal is to give myself to Heavenly Father so that he can use me as an instrument in His hands. Because I am not the real teacher, the spirit is. 
Blessing wall

Yesterday we met this man who was just amazing,  just the sweetest little 78 year old man in the world. We started talking about religion and he was super super passionate about Christ. And just had the sweetest testimony. I had the prompting to reach in my bag and give him a Book of Mormon, so I pulled it out and bore my testimony of it to him, I told him how much I loved it and how it has brought me closer to my Savior. He told me that he wasnt interested at all and that he didnt want it. So I was about to put it back in my bag when I got the strongest impression that I should keep it out. So we kept talking to him for another 10 minutes or so when randomly he asked "Can we pray?" It was adorable. :) and we did, standing there in the middle of the parking lot, he prayed for us. And right after we said Amen he looked at me and said "I feel like I should take that book. Can I have it?" I said OF COURSE. :) I was so excited. I bore testimony of it again and he said that he would absolutely read it. It was amazing. I watched his heart change. When I first offered it to him he said "absolutely not" but after a tender prayer and testimony the spirit told him to take the book. I planted and God gave the increase. :) Last night I prayed so hard that he would read it and feel the spirit as he did. I so hope that something will come from it. He was an amazing man. :) 
Love, your daughter. :) 

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